Some of my favorite courage videos

Courage: Heroes at Work

Hey Guys,

I’m pretty excited about my new blog. I thought what better way to share myself with the world than to upload videos that rank among my favorite.

I have them categorized below:

Jeb Corliss definitely has the “X” Factor…

and he probably realizes it where as the videos farther down the page are of people who aren’t necessarily aware that they have it.

I think what makes this video so special is how much courage it takes actually jump off the Mountain. For long time I wondered how these individuals get the level of courage that may have to do this. I understand it has a lot to do with conditioning and their ability to continue on in there our form. Most of these guys from what I understand start off skydiving. They then progressed to more difficult skydives and ultimately moving to base jumping. I imagine it takes quite a bit of confidence to be able to maneuver and be calm all you were falling even if it’s a controlled fall.

I believe that as humans we like to try to controller situations and hey controlled fall like this is certainly something that we could not control well. It would take quite a bit of getting used to.

The Not So Noticed “X” Factor

I love this video because it really outlines some of the heroic events that have been caught on tape. One that specifically stands out in my mind, Certainly not to discount any of the other ones, is the one where the young boy gets trapped on the escalator rising to the second floor and then falling only to be caught by an individual had taken notice.

Another couple of interventions that were extraordinary where the two times that suicide attempts were stopped by individuals either swinging in and knocking the woman off the ledge for climbing in tackling the person attempting to commit suicide.

It was pretty striking to see the group of individuals who noticed that an individual was trapped under a burning car and motorcycle but obviously have been involved in accident. The group banded together and lifted the car so that they could pull the individual out from underneath the burning area of the car. I think it was good to see this for me because I really would not have considered a group of normal individuals ever being able to lift a car even if they’re working together. I simply assume that cars are way too heavy for this type of action.

To My final take away is to probably take any other form of transportation other than subways or trains. It seem like many of the individuals involved in these near-death’s were standing on the a subway or train. Is not always clear whether these individuals were attempting suicide or whether they simply passed out or lost her balance and fell in front of the trains, but one thing is for sure. If it ever happens to you you better pray to God that I hero standing by.